New Development

R&D department is an integral part of Shafi Texcel marketing department working closely with the entire marketing team to create value added for customers. It works closely with designers, design trends teams and chemical companies to develop extensive seasonal collections. Innovation is the areas of wearing properties, performance, look and hand feel is what set us apart from the competition. R&D comes up with two collections in a calendar year. One for Spring/Summer and the other for Fall/Winter.These two collections are launched at major trade fairs around the world.


We have modernized well equipped sampling section both in term of machinery and personal that converts the ideas in to reality. Samples are provided to customers to make them value added in market in new trend and development. We have following machinery in our sample section.

  • 10 Yarn Dyeing sample machines to feed the requirement of mini sample looms and Handlooms samples.
  • Sample Warper(LUTHAN) :- this is single end mini sample warper, it can produce beams for standard loom having length from 30 meters up to maximum 150 meters. Our delivery time for samples is 3 weeks.
  • Sample Looms (CCI Tech) :- Mini sample loom can produce A4 size piece of fabric within a short period of time. This is instrumental in giving customer a first glimpse of bulk production.Our delivery turnaround time for handlooms is between 7-10 days.